August 9th Saturday Regatta Meeting Cancellation

Due to weather being a factor and the amount of time required for some to travel to and from Summersville lake, I am canceling the meeting for this Saturday August 9th at 5pm.

I am planning to be at battle run and scoping out our space there regardless ( as well as critical power supply locations.)

The meeting to tie up all lose ends before the regatta will be held next week at some point -I will get the word out just where and when after I've had a chance to complete my walkabout at

Battle Run.

Meantime, if you have any updates or concerns-please contact me with them and I will put them on the next agenda.

Please keep check on our website on the "Captains log" for the next meeting update.

Thank you all for your understanding and help!

Clayton Spangler

SMSA Commodore