MMHR VI check presentation and annual Business meeting 2017

November 9th, Thursday at the Shoney's in Belle WV

It's that time again-the SMSA General Business meeting is open to all members- and we look forward to all who can attend as we elect SMSA officers, wrap up old business for the year and give a report on where we are headed in the future.

We will be presenting Josh Jones of the Hospice of Southern WV with a check from MMHR VI and the business meeting / election of officers will take place after the check presentation to Hospice during Sewell Mountain Sailing Association's annual business meeting ( To be held Thursday November 9th, 2017  at the Shoneys in Belle (Quincy- next to Rt 60, 6:30 pm)

LOOKING FOR FRESH OFFICERS- we encourage you to become involved with SMSA and help lead us towards the future of this wonderful organization!
If you wish to be considered for one of these positions, we will accept nominations from the floor this year.

Please take a look at the positions responsibilities below:

Role – By-Law or other description

Major Activities/Responsibilities

Commodore:  The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive Committee. The Commodore may appoint standing or temporary committees as may be desired, with the exception of the Race Committee. In addition, the Commodore may determine and/or alter the duties of the officers provided the same is approved by the Executive Committee.
Chief Executive Officer
Oversee all SMSA-WV operations
Seats on nomination committee-Will guide the overall mission of the Association
Vice Commodore:  The Vice Commodore shall assist the Commodore in all his duties and shall in the absence of the commodore assume his or her duties. The Vice Commodore shall direct the Organizations regattas including the on-the water activities, ( SVL) and away sailing events. He or she may appoint a member(s) to serve as Chairman of the MM-HR Regatta Committee.
Executive Officer
Regattas – Annual Hospice Regatta (Mountain Mama)
Recruiting Regatta Principle Race Officer
Scoring & Results Publication
Publicize regatta – post NORs on One-Design Web Sites
Secure Permits for activities (MMHR)
The VC may appoint a member to assist as needed.
Mountain Mama-Hospice Regatta.
 Seats on  the nomination committee

Rear Commodore: The Rear Commodore shall direct the Racing Program and shall serve as Chairman of the MM-HR Racing Committee. He or she may also be asked to assist V.C as needed.
Summer Racing Series
Race Committee Chair
Maintenance of Race Committee Equipment
Coordinates with Harbor Master on chase boat and RC boat where applicable.
Co-Captain team at Hospice Regattas. (Nationals)
Seats on Nomination committee

Treasurer: The Treasurer shall have charge of all the money belonging to the Organization and shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended and of the paid-up status of the membership.
Chief Financial Officer
Budget, receipt and disbursement of club funds.
Periodic financial reporting
Coordination with Membership Chair – receipt of dues
Signature authority on bank accounts.
Or as directed by the Commodore.
Seats on nomination committee

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and of the business transacted, and handle all correspondence delegated by the Commodore.

Meeting Minutes – Executive Committee Actions & Business
Correspondence As directed by Commodore and or VC
Mail outs, i.e Dues notice, Thank You and Welcome Aboard Cards or notes. (Copies to BOD as needed or requested) 

Harbor Master: The Harbor Master shall be responsible for the duties assigned to him by the Commodore and shall supervise and maintain boats and other equipment belonging to the Organization.

Maintenance of club boats & equipment, Ships Store, Club items, Hats, Shirts, etc. Maintain a Pay-Pal acct. not to exceed $500 for re-ordering as needed.
Boat and Trailer Registration
General Maintenance
Member use program
Shop Day activities
Procure and store materials

Social Chairman: The Social Chairman shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the Organization’s social activities.

Summerville based socials – Spring, Summer, Awards Regatta social activities All meetings
Coordinate special fund raising events.
Food and location activities
(Mama Friday night dinner, if held) as well as all meetings

Membership Chairman: The Membership Chairman shall maintain accurate membership records and in conjunction with the Treasurer determine and record the paid up status of the membership. In addition the Membership Chairman shall be responsible for the development of membership and shall promote general public awareness of the Organization.

Maintains membership records
Coordinates with Treasurer

Website Admin:  Edit and publish editions of the association’s SMSA-WV. Web site and Face Book pages.
Maintain Web Site and Face Book pages

Youth Sailing: Conduct Youth Sailing schools at Corliss Pond and Summersville Lake

Corliss Pond and SV Lake
junior sailors, Youth Sailing Committee - Chair
Determine dates and number of students, etc.