The leadership of the
 Sewell Mountain Sailing Association

Clayton Spangler, Commodore


The Commodore shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and of the Executive Committee. The Commodore may appoint standing or temporary committees as may be desired, with the exception of the Race Committee. In addition, the Commodore may determine and/or alter the duties of the officers, provided the same is approved by the Executive Committee.

Steve Morris, Commodore Emeritus

Steve Morris was our very first commodore back in 2012, and his leadership had a lot to do with our success thus far. Steve and David Davison (see below) and a few other members of Cave Run Sailing Association were among the first to see the value in what we were trying to do here, and they've been our friends and strong supporters ever since. We owe these folks a debt of gratitude that cannot be overstated.

Brad Leslie, Vice Commodore

The Vice Commodore shall assist the Commodore in all his or her duties and shall, in the absence of the Commodore, assume those duties. The Vice Commodore shall direct the Association's regattas, including on-the water activities at Summersville Lake and away sailing events. He or she may chair, or delegate others to chair, the Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta Committee.

David Davison, Rear Commodore


The Rear Commodore shall direct the Racing Program and shall serve as Chairman of the Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta Racing Committee. He or she also may be asked to assist the Vice Commodore as needed.

Kathy Bucks, Secretary

The Secretary shall keep accurate minutes of all meetings and of the business transacted, and handle all correspondence delegated by the Commodore.

Kathy Stonemark, Treasurer


The Treasurer shall have charge of all the money belonging to the Association, and shall keep an accurate account of all monies received and expended, and of the status of membership dues.

Bob Richards, Harbor Master

The Harbor Master shall be responsible for the duties assigned to him by the Commodore and shall supervise and maintain boats and other equipment belonging to the Association.

Mike McGraw, Assistant Harbor Master

The Assistant Harbor Master shall provide support and assistance to the Harbor Master in the performance of those duties.

Mike Todd, Assistant Harbor Master

The Assistant Harbor Master shall provide support and assistance to the Harbor Master in the performance of those duties.

Sue & Joe Boston, Membership Chairs

The Membership Chairperson(s) shall maintain accurate membership records and, in conjunction with the Treasurer, determine and record the status of dues-paying members. The Membership Chair(s) also shall be responsible for the development of membership, and shall promote general public awareness of the Association.

Sandy Richards, Social Chair

The Social Chairperson shall be responsible for the development and implementation of the Association’s social activities.

Bob Richards & Clayton Spangler, Youth Sailing Program Directors

The Directors of the Youth Sailing Program shall plan and conduct the Association's youth sailing schools at Corliss Pond and Summersville Lake.