SMSA Joins US Sailing's MVP Program

Sewell Mountain Sailing Association is a relative newcomer to the national and international sailing community, but in 2012 our founders were wise to affiliate from the start with US Sailing, the national governing body for the sport of sailing.
US Sailing’s emphasis is on competition. And you may be interested mainly in pleasure sailing, but it would be a mistake to assume that U.S. Sailing has nothing to offer you. We encourage you to explore their website at to see the first-rate educational materials they offer, including some resources that are freely available to anyone.
Competition is one of the best ways to refine your sailings skills, and learning the rules of the sport keeps that competition friendly and fun. We have US Sailing to thank for that, too. US Sailing is committed to building participation at the local level, and we can help them do that.
Beginning March 2015, US Sailing and Sewell Mountain Sailing Association is partnering to bring the US Sailing MVP Program to the SMSA-WV Membership.  
While SMSAWV already benefits from US Sailing resources, our decision to join the MVP Program will introduce even more valuable programs and services to our members, as well as savings on program materials and US Sailing membership fees.
** Each members receives a substantial discount on their US Sailing Membership, ($10 discount for individuals, $5 discount for youths, $15 discount for families) 
Every US Sailing member contributes to the programs we enjoy.  We are all “US Sailing,” and I encourage you to join me by becoming a member and investing in a thriving future for our sport.
To join online, you can follow the MVP image link from our membership page at Or go directly to our MVP signup page at US Sailing, at Either way, you’re adding even more value to our sailing program while enjoying the significant benefits of US Sailing membership.
Clayton Spangler
Commodore, Sewell Mountain Sailing Association