New list of SMSA Officers elected + Other news.

Ahoy SMSA Members:

Just a brief update of recent SMSA developments and current plans for the 2018 year.

At the recent Members meeting, new officers were elected as Commodore, Bob Rodak; Treasurer, Kathy Stonemark; Secretary, Beth Ramsey.

Plans are underway to promote the Seventh Annual Mountain Momma Hospice Regatta to be held August 17-19, 2018, the “Basics of Sailing” classes and a schedule of “Fun Sail Days”.  Dues were also addressed. Details below:

 Seventh Annual Mountain Mama Hospice Regatta – Summersville Lake – August 17-19, 2018

In addition to the usual racing, auctions and music, we are planning to offer other family related activities for kids and landlubbers and food to be provided by Craft Kings.  MARK YOUR CALENDARS and invite your friends as the Regatta is open to the public.  We are hoping to make the biggest and best Regatta to date and will be looking for volunteers in the future who could lend a little help.  More information and registration details may be found on our website at www.smsawvorg .      

·       Basic Sailing Classes – The one and only Bob Richards will again be offering free sailing lessons. One change, in order to deter no-shows, will be that a re-fundable registration fee will be charged and returned upon attendance.  Check our website for class dates and registration information.

·        Fun Sail Days – We are hoping to invigorate  participation in our scheduled “Fun Sail Days” and the sailing camaraderie they offer. Again, check our web site for the tentatively scheduled dates.  These dates, of course, are subject to change due to weather or other circumstances, notice of which will be posted and/or communicated by email and  these dates are certainly not definitive.   Members are encouraged to suggest other dates and/or other local sailing locations, either by email or on our Facebook page (Sewell Mountain Sailing Association of West Virginia). Any member interest in other SMSA sailing opportunities/dates will be entertained and promoted to the best of our abilities.  Remember, only member interest and participation in these endeavors make them happen.  Come on out and have some fun on the water with your sailing friends!

·       SMSA Membership Dues – After review of current and expected expenses, the Board approved a modest but necessary increase to the annual dues of ten dollars.  Membership dues for the current year will be $50.00 for an individual and $60.00 for a family up to four.  Again, please visit our web page to remit your current annual dues.

We are looking forward to a satisfying and fun year of sailing and camaraderie.  Hope you join us.  You can expect to receive additional emails in the future keeping you updated as to SMSA news, events and activities.  Also, please do not hesitate to make any suggestions you might have to make the association better serve its mission.

Hope to see you all this coming year.

Fair Winds,
Bob Rodak